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Winter is Coming! 5 Tips to Protect Your Skin!

As the leaves start turning brown, skies start getting grayer and the weather starts getting cooler, it is very important that our skincare routine adapts to the changes. Our skin reacts to our environment. It is up to us to make adjustments, so our skin stays healthy and happy in the new conditions! Here are five ways you can shake up your routine for the colder months.


1. Invest in a humidifier!

The cold winter months dry our skin due to there being less moisture in the air. A humidifier will help keep your skin full of moisture.


2. Avoid hot showers!

The hot water will pull out natural oils and moisture from your skin. Keep your showers close to room temperature and limit them to about 10 minutes.


3. Keep up your usual skincare regimen!

Your usual routine is important for your skin, as it is going to be what keeps your skin glowing and smooth. Try our Divas Never Age® Trio for a complete routine that will keep you looking your best!


4. Lower the temperature!

For the same reason, a hot shower will dry your skin, hot temperatures inside your home will also pull out moisture and oils from your skin. Keep it between 68º and 72ºF and it will help your skin maintain its moisture.


5. Use cream-based lotions!

They help seal the moisture inside your skin. Make sure to keep them fragrance and alcohol-free so they don’t dry your skin.


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