Aging Is Wonderful!

 1. Aging is a celebration of life! 

I have always thought that aging is simply the opportunity to grow, evolve, live and enjoy life.

 It is mind-blowing how our culture looks at aging as something to be scared of, avoid, hide or disguise. 

I invite you to celebrate every day, week, month, and year of life, no matter what age we are or stage we’re in!

Wrinkles… silver hair… sagging skin… freckles… wrinkles… sunspots… I encourage to celebrate signs of aging as badges of honor. After all, why should we live incredible, fulfilling lives and then hide all signs that we’ve done so? It just doesn’t make sense!

Since we are kids, we are always looking forwards to being older. The same happened when we were teenagers. But then, adulthood happened, and we magically started being afraid of aging!  I say no! I want you to start looking forward to your next birthday regardless if you are in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or more! Be proud of who you are! You are beautiful!

That’s what being a Diva is all about… Looking forward to what’s next and celebrating your life.

2. Your beauty and value are innate, and nothing can take it away from you!

Our culture makes us feel that we lose value as we age but the reality is exactly the opposite.

Our beauty and value are innate. It comes from who we are. Far from being diminished by age, our value increases with age. 

It’s like having silver hair. It is beautiful! It is elegant, classy, something you display with pride! Think of it as having a silver crown that you earned along many years of being fabulous. You are no longer just a princess… you are now a queen! 

3. Whatever age you are, it’s perfect!

 I want you to celebrate your age! Smile from within when you think of it! Not just accept it or tolerate it because “there’s no other option”! Embrace and love it!

 This is precisely what being a Diva means because Divas never age!

 We have been brainwashed to think that we are only beautiful of valuable when we are in our prime, but that is completely passé!

The modern, powerful woman of our times embraces her age. Let’s become an example for younger women who are fearful of growing older and show them how wonderful their future is! 

4. “It’s all downhill after reaching 50”, what a joke!

Beautiful mature woman using Divas Never Age®

Way too many times have we heard this ridiculous phrase. We are like diamonds; we get better as we age! We will keep getting at our best as we grow older, believe me. I know this as a man of the world.

A woman is more attractive, sensual, classy, and interesting as years go by.

5. Confidence is attractive.

As a man, and a well-known actor I can tell you one thing. Women are sooo much more attractive when they are confident. A few extra pounds here and there, wrinkles, or whatever are not important as long as you are confident about yourself and show it.

 Younger bodies or model-like skin are no match to that!

 Have you ever seen that person entering a place and everybody turning their faces to look at her? Well, that person has magnetism, meaning: she is confident and therefore, very, very attractive.

Get used to looking in the mirror and saying out loud: “you look awesome!” “You got this!” “You rock!” Whenever you are going out, even if it is just for work, you say: “you are going to walk out the door and you are going to look incredibly attractive, because you are a true Diva.”

Being attractive is not about just your hair, your size, your clothes, or make up. It is about exuding joy, happiness, confidence, and self-love.

6. We have the power of deciding what to believe.

The difference between feeling joyful or depressed about something, is simply the meaning that we give to it. You have the power of shooing whether or not you accept our culture’s views on aging. You decide!

 Don’t take the negative messages from the media and society for granted. All of that is BS. Those beliefs will only be true if you believe them.

 You are in control! You have the power of the Diva! Change the old, archaic beliefs into new ones. Let’s say, “life after 40 is fabulous and it will only get better!

7. Every stage is a different kind of beautiful.

Every stage is different and each one is amazing. Trust me on this one. You have your own, unique beauty in your age, and no one is like you.

Every birthday must become a new stage with new wonderful treats and powers. You should celebrate every year by becoming another kind of beautiful!

8. Pleasure is important.

Divas Never Age a Diva enjoying life!

We live in times where depression rules. Why? Well, first of all, we fear getting older because we give aging the meaning of pain.

Our society and culture are way too focused on pain but I say, let’s focus on pleasure.

We are allowed to miss work, or an important event if somebody close to us died, or we are sick, or something negative in our lives. But we cannot miss any “responsibilities” because we are feeling joy, passion, love and happiness! See the absurdity of it?

If you don’t believe me, try telling your boss “I can’t go to work today because I am feeling so happy and it’s such a beautiful day, I will enjoy myself and celebrate life!” 

Start seeking pleasure through enjoying your life, loving yourself, and celebrating every day like the precious opportunity that it is.

It’s time for you to live with true joy.  

Stop with the “shoulds” and start with the “enjoyings”!

When we love ourselves and seek pleasure, the happiness radiates from us.

9. We become more with age.

 We have been sold the lie about the negativity of aging. Our youth-obsessed society keeps feeding us with messages about becoming a lesser version of ourselves when we get older.

But let me tell you the truth: Every year of life that we are on this planet is a true blessing. With every year, we add beauty, power, kindness, courage, experience, and we become positive examples to those who look up to us.

We become more with age, not less!

As I get older, I get happier, wiser, more aware, more conscious, more educated, more skilled, and more attractive!

My life improves as I grow older and that is why I created Divas Never Age®, to share this power and to show amazing women like you that growing older will only make you become even more fabulous! That’s what “Diva” stands for!

10. Look for beauty in your life. 

I want you to look for beauty around you. There’s so much! Look for it within yourself and in other people.

Our culture has taught us that as we age, the mirror becomes our worst enemy. What an absurdity! I say, the mirror is our best friend! Why? Well, simply because what we see is the most precious being in the whole world!

Let’s stop with the “that’s not good enough” when we look at ourselves in the mirror or on photographs. Remember the old saying: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. That can’t be truer nowadays. YOU are the beholder! It is up to you to look in that mirror and find the true Diva within. She is beautiful!

Mature, beautiful, brunette woman divas never age

I hope that my words find a way to inspire you and transform the way you have thought about yourself so far. It’s time for a real transformation and that transformation can only be done by yourself.

Treat yourself like the Queen you are. Drink enough water, eat good food, be aware of your thoughts, develop an eye for beauty around you, be grateful, and treat your skin with love and respect. 

Ricardo Chávez

©2021 Copyrighted Ricardo Chávez

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By far the best blog! Aging should be a beautiful process and we women need to embrace it more and understand that beauty comes from within. We emit our radiance that way and being confident is very attractive. I love my 50s and feel better every day. Thank you for sharing!


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