Divas Never Age®

"LOVE, LOVE this product!!"

I've tried multiple expensive products with minimal results after extended use. With only a few weeks of using Divas, I already notice a decrease in the wrinkles. My friends now ask me if I did something on my face and that makes me sooo HAPPY!

-Carol C., Miami, FL

Divas Never Age®

"I absolutely Love these products!"

I have used many so-called anti-aging serums and most of them don't work... But DNA's serums have really made a HUGE difference on my skin. My face feels soft and more elastic and bounces right back after the "pinch" test lol. 

-Rebecca S., Chicago, IL

Divas Never Age®

"Exactly what I've been looking for"

Divas products changed my life. I no longer “hide” under tons of makeup! Now I let my natural beauty shine through. Thank you for understanding what it means to be a magnificent DIVA at any age!

Lucilia S., Houston, TX

Hyaluronic Serum

"I do like the consistency and the fact that this has a good concentration of hyaluronic acid. It feels good when I apply it to my face."

Lynn O.

"I love this face serum! It makes my skin feel so smooth!
Very moisturizing!"


"This Hyaluronic Acid with pomegranate & Green tea is amazing. I love that there isn't one ingredient on the label I could not pronounce or did not know what it was."


"The Professional Hyaluronic Acid is really nice. I have found that I do not have the typical reactions I get from other serums. I really like how this serum leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated."

Jan K.

"I would like to say that I absolutely love the bottle that this product comes in. I think it is just beautiful. This product did not cause my skin any redness or irritation and made it feel incredibly soft."


"I like this serum. It soaks right into my skin on face/neck and never feels greasy nor makes my skin oily. To me it feels like this serum hydrates my face as well as working to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also has a pleasure smell."


"This serum has made my skin feel young again. I have also noticed my age spots have faded slightly which is awesome! I use in the morning and at bedtime. I absolutely love it!"

Marla V.

"I've used this for a while, it feels really smooth on my face. My face is softer after using this. My pores seem to have disappeared very quickly. I kind of like that it has a dropper attached to the top of it, this makes it easier to use without fear of spilling it. I would recommend this product, as it truly does what it says."


"The serum is easy to apply and takes a few minutes to get absorbed. I am liking this serum a lot. Since the packaging is so beautiful it will also make for a beautiful gift for someone."

Pooja Gupta

"I'm a nut when it comes to skincare. I was pleasantly
surprised by how easy is to use and how quickly my skin absorbed this - it was instantaneous. It's perfect under makeup and yet my skin feels baby smooth after application. I also appreciate how a few drops
covers my entire face."

Christy H.

Vitamin C Serum

"I really love this product. Since I started using it my face is soft, nice and smooth. I love how the vitamin C has been working on my face. This serum is really good, and it does not overdry my face. I will recommend it!!"

Sue Marie

"This is hands down the best serum I have used, it leaves my face super soft I love it!"

Sara H.

"I have been using Vitamin C serum for my face for some time and just ran out of one I was using, I decided order it and am so glad that I did. This serum is better than the one I was using, the first ingredient is Aloe, not water like some others."

Niki G.

"Goes on very smooth makes my skin feel very soft. I have tried many vitamin C serums. This one goes to the top of my list."


"This Vitamin C Serum is helping to treat my acne, preventing breakouts and hyperpigmentation. I also like that these products are made in the USA, responsibly made- free of alcohol, parabens and sulfates."

Nicole R.

"I've been using and trying different vitamin C series but
this one has to be a better brand and kind. I highly recommend. It does help treat my dry skin also and keeps my face hydrated for the winter."

Sonia Z.

"With Vitamin C Serums it seems to be a hit or miss. This product is a must buy! I am incredibly impressed with the way it makes my face feel! If you are on the fence about buying this product, just go for it! It's absolutely worth the investment!"

Cecily S.

"My mother loves this she said it's really helping her dark spots go away. It is not to oily once rubbed in which is great especially if you have oily skin. Plus it is always good to wear anti-aging products even if you are not old. This product really deserves 5 stars you will definitely thank me for this!"


"I found my new love! After only one use my face was soft and didn't appear to be as red. My complexion just looked better overall!"

Ashley C.

"Arrived on time and as expected. This serum goes on smoothly and feels clean and refreshing. It does not leave a thick filmy residue is absorbs well and leaves your skin feeling great."


Divas Eye Serum

"I LOVE this product! I highly recommend. Works great!"


"Such a cute bottle! I love the packaging on this serum as well as the name of the product. This would be a great gift for any woman in your life who fancies themselves a bit of a diva. The ingredients are premium and exactly what I look for in an anti-aging eye serum."

Nicole DeFelice

"This is a great way to get rid of eye wrinkles. It just works! I highly recommend!!"


"What is in this stuff!!?? This is magical. I love this product and will continue to buy for the rest of my life!."

Jamie M.

"Love this serum!! Super smooth texture, it's absorbed by the skin super-fast, and leaves it feeling smooth and even. It dries fast and does not leave you with that sticky feeling under the eyes that other serums have. I have made "Divas Never Age" an irreplaceable part of my beauty routine."

Brianna D.

"This product is just amazing, I can't even explain how nice my eyes feel. Love love love and the best thing it's not that expensive for the effect they have made under my eyes. Thank you, divas!!!!"

Carol C.

"Melts into your skin without being greasy even under foundation, and I’m not needing concealer anymore!"

Julie P.

"My mother Marina really likes this product, she says it works, the results are amazing."

Mikel Meabe

"I have been using this Eye Serum for a few weeks now and can already see amazing results in my skin. Healthy Skin is everything. I used to have dark circles under my eyes, but not anymore. Divas only uses ingredients that are pure and all natural, that is my #1 thing I look for when using a product on my skin."

Carrie H.

"The minute I started applying this fantastic product I felt the difference, not just my face looked revived but also plump, the lines around my eyes hydrated like magic! I even received a compliment the very next day from my coworker! I'm in love with this product it turns me into a complete Diva! ❤"


Divas Trio

"I love this stuff! I really want to slow down the aging process and this helps. They make my skin feel great and look great."


"I am 40 years old and I am seeing the first fine lines and my skin being a little thin and creepy around the eyes. I have been using the three serums religiously twice a day and have seen a difference. This will definitely be a staple in my house. This is great, go buy it."


"Divas Trio is the best bundle you can get"

Dina N.

"The products smell amazing! They’re very light and made my skin feel so soft. I've only been using them a couple of days, but I can already feel the difference in my skin. I like knowing they are full of natural products that are good for my skin."


"I actually got the Divas Trio for my mother and ended up using them as well. You can still see & feel a difference in both our faces. My mom is 62 and I am 29. I love that they have so many organic ingredients and I don't have to worry about any reaction. The packaging is pretty and not cheap, plus they have great customer service."


I am quite impressed with this Anti-Aging line. These serums do exactly that and more. I'm more than satisfied with the results the serums have provided for me and I definitely recommend it. IT WORKS.

Robin R.

"Works great, skin looks smooth, I use all every day!
Won't be without them!!!!"

Lisa K.

"This DIVA isn’t aging, great product! I love the results
I’m seeing. It’s essential as we age to use serums and moisturizers to help achieve our best-looking skin possible. Fantastic, beautiful bottles and wonderful price!"


Divas Duo

"Excellent products; my face looks like 20!!! I love it."

Claudia T.

"I have been using this line, and I can't stop looking at my face in the mirror; the area around my eyes in particular. It is smoother and just looks healthier. After two kids and 40 years, my skin sure isn't what it used to be. These serums goes on smooth, dry quickly, and feel great under my usual moisturizer!"


"When I learned about the products not only the name
caught my attention, I started wondering if this was just another good-looking package, I decided to give it a try and I LOVE IT! Seriously my skin has dramatically improved, on top of that it smells delicious."

Christina M.

"I love this combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, with the other incredible natural ingredients. Besides, I love the way these smells."

Sara G.

"It's hard to rate a skin care product after only having
it for such a short time. But so far, I'm very impressed with the serums, I have noticed a nice glow to my skin since I began using both. I will continue to use them because I like the way my skin looks."

Tannah R.

"Loving this! Will order again!"

Margaret M.

"This is the perfect solution for me; the vitamin C is working already to fade my sunspots, and the hyaluronic acid are very moisturizing without being heavy or making me oily later. I definitely recommend them for anyone with combination or acne prone skin who still needs extra moisture."


"Got this combo for my mother who like age serums. From what she has told me that is now her go to serums and makes her skin glow and feels ultra-soft. She said she will reorder this product again once the product runs out."

Greg B.

"I had no irritation from using the products on my combination skin. They have a slight scent to it."

Marie P.